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We are unable to offer these positions to recruitment agencies so we respectfully ask that agencies do not contact us in regard to posts advertised on this site.

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If we have received your details in response to a recruitment initiative, we will store the personal information that either you, your recruitment agent or another third party has provided us with. We process that information because it is in our legitimate interests to do so in order for us to be able to make an informed decision about whether to interview you and, ultimately, recruit you.

We believe that you would reasonably expect us to process your personal information in this way and that such processing does not have an impact on you in a way that would make this processing unfair. Where your personal information is kept as part of a file relating to prospective employees of Attivo Group, we will retain that information and any information relating to that matter. This is so that we can review the file if any complaints or issues arise after the recruitment process. The length of time that we keep prospective employee files is usually 3 months after conclusion of the relevant recruitment process.

Unless you request us not to do so, we may also contact those individuals who are referred to in any information you provide us with, for example referees. This contact may be made by telephone, e-mail or post. We will only do this if we have your express permission to contact them in this way.

Where you have provided us with personal information about a referee or a previous employer, it is your responsibility to inform that person that you have provided us with their details and that we will be processing it in connection with your employment application. You should also give them our contact details should they wish to discuss this with us.

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